Upcoming Scheduled Events/Calendar


SATURDAY, MARCH 11, 2017 (click for full event details)
Lesta Frank, “Gypsy’s Soul," acrylic Lesta Frank, “Quan Yin," mixed media with pastels Lesta Frank, “Transformed," acrylic Charles Field, North Jetty San Jose Island I, 17x 30, Oil on Paper Charles Field, Surf San Jose Island 4, 19.5 x 30, Oil on Paper Charles Field, Sea Change, (Corpus Christi), 24 x 36, Oil on Canvas
10:15 AM – Studio visit with painter, LESTA FRANK
11:30 AM – Gallery visit with painter, CHARLES FIELD at Hunt Gallery
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SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 2017 (click for full event details)
Luis Valderas, “Mayor Julian Castro, A3 and Texas Size Print” by A3, public art installation, photo credit Luis M Garza Luis Valderas, “Flag with Mariachis" Luis Valderas, “View of the Multiverse and Black Dream Place”by Luis Valderas, installation Kim Bishop, "Mom," 2014, graphite, 28" x 22" Kim Bishop, "Bomber," 2016 Kim Bishop, "Mary," 2015, graphite, 28" x 22"
John Mattson, 2016, Metaphysics John Mattson, 2016, Sudden Revelation John Mattson, 2016, Isolated Man John Mattson, 2016, An Understanding
10:15 AM – Studio visit with LUIS VALDERAS and KIM BISHOP
11:30 AM – Gallery visit with John Mattson at REM Gallery
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 2017 (click for full event details)
Jesse Amado, Untitled Jesse Amado, “Fashionable Beuys" Linda Duncan, clay with glazes Linda Duncan, "Dream Garden"
6:15 PM – Gallery visit with JESSE AMADO at Ruiz Healy Art
7:30 PM – Studio visit with LINDA DUNCAN


Private events are arranged year round
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