Upcoming Scheduled Events/Calendar


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 2017(click for full event details)
Jesse Amado, UntitledJesse Amado, “Fashionable Beuys"Linda Duncan, clay with glazesLinda Duncan, "Dream Garden"
6:15 PM – Gallery visit with JESSE AMADO at Ruiz Healy Art
7:30 PM – Studio visit with LINDA DUNCAN
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 2017(click for full event details)
Kathy Sosa, Somos Huipilistas Vincent Valdez Joey Fauerso Jennifer Datchuk
6:15 pM – Molina-Yndo private collection
7:30 pM – Studio visit with Stuart Allen


Private events are arranged year round
Please call 210-886-9936 for more details about our private events. Remember — Seeing Art San Antonio private and group events are a perfect birthday/anniversary/newcomer gift for your friends, visitors and relatives.