Greatly enjoyed visiting with Gary Sweeney- such innovative art!” – K. Connell
Just wanted to let you know how much Rich and I enjoyed the tour.  We learned a lot!  And had a good time!  Thanks for all the work you do to assemble these tours.
Take care,
Beth (and Rich!!)

It was a pleasure to host your Seeing Art San Antonio group last night.  It was a lovely group and I enjoyed sharing the current exhibition and gallery program with them.  

Thank you for including Ruiz-Healy Art in the tour, and we hope to see you again soon.
Best Regards,
Ruis-Healy Gallery
Thank you for a lovely tour last night. Sandy also loved your event as did I.  I came home refreshed and ready to get into the studio.
I have just been made aware of a wonderful organization called Seeing Art San Antonio. It offers artists’ studio and gallery visits in San Antonio’s nationally recognized contemporary art community, of which I confess I did not know much. Go to http://seeingartsanantonio.com to find out more. There are no more scheduled visits until this fall, upon when I will be the first to send in my reservations. It has really been a wonderful and eye opening experience. I highly recommend it!!  
– Laura

Thanks so much for a fabulous day — the selection of the artists, the thoughtful directions and refreshments.  It is so interesting to meet other artists and especially ones that are not in the fiber world.  Nothing against my kindred spirits but it opens my horizons to observe and learn.  It was a real treat.

– Diane

Thank you again for bringing in a wonderful (and fun!) group. I always have such a fantastic conversation with you and the people you bring, and I absolutely love doing the tours.

I truly admire your creativity and dedication to the SA art/artist community.

– David S.

I had particularly wanted to see more of Joey’s work and her studio. I thought the three artists offered a thought provoking contrast in styles, interests and passions.

– Carol Lynn

Yesterday was the best.  Hard to express the depth of both of the artists.  I so enjoyed the morning. 

FABULOUS SASA event yesterday.   Loved listening to the artists discuss their work and how they find their inspiration – one from her family, the other from a much wider world.

And both from the realm of women and their work. Looking forward to the next one.

It exceeded my expectations, since I had supposed that the art would be more or less traditional, for our little ol’ book club gals.  I like “traditional,” but I was glad to get taken out of my comfort zone.

You are a delightful, and very knowledgeable, leader and guide, and you are performing an extremely valuable mission that both promotes and enhances the culture of our community. And the group was certainly an eclectic, interesting and lively collection of people with intriguing backgrounds. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet and chat with them.

We can’t thank you enough – what a cool opportunity you provide and you do such a wonderful job!  I can’t wait for April 27th and look forward to spreading the word for next year’s SASA events.  Thanks for everything.

SASA delivered what was promised.  The conversation with the artists was especially noteworthy. 

Thank you for the wonderful SASA events this month – I am using the highlights to develop my own “artist statement”  –  I am so in love and awed by all I saw!

The SASA event this Tuesday was FABULOUS.  The artists are as fascinating and interesting as their art.

–  Jenny